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Dental Extractions at Downtown Dental Centre, London ON

Extractions from the dental team you know and trust in London

Advances in modern dentistry have led to excellent options for replacement of missing teeth. However, our philosophy is to help patients keep as many of their natural teeth as possible, for as long as they can do so. In some cases, though, extractions are necessary. Patients in the London area receive this service from the dental team they already know and trust. The experienced dentists at Downtown Dental Centre Family Practice rarely have to refer extractions out.

When is an extraction appropriate?

  • A baby tooth that doesn’t fall out naturally to make way for adult teeth.
  • Tooth broken below the gum line.
  • Roots are damaged.
  • Severe decay or abscess.
  • In preparation for a dental implant.
  • In order to get dentures.
  • In rare cases, to prepare for orthodontic straightening.
  • Wisdom teeth that crowd other teeth.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • A tooth that is a source of infection for a cancer or organ-transplant patient.

Gentle care

When extractions are necessary to preserve your oral health or avoid threat to overall wellness, you can count on gentle care from our team, with a compassionate touch from scheduling to follow-up.

We understand that most patients are a bit nervous about having a tooth removed. They feel more at ease when the procedure is performed by the friendly dental team that they know and trust. We handle most extractions in-house. The procedure is very efficient, and you receive aftercare instruction for speedy healing. Only complex surgical cases are referred out, to a reliable specialist who offers sedation.

We will do our best to help you enjoy a smile full of healthy, natural teeth. But should you ever require extractions, you are in good hands at Downtown Dental Centre Family Practice in London. New patients off all ages are welcome – call 1-855-669-0775.
Dental extractions procedure, before and after images

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