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Teeth Whitening at Downtown Dental Centre, London ON

Boosting smile appeal with teeth whitening in London

Your smile is usually the first thing other people notice when they meet you, and the trait they are most likely to remember. White teeth leave a remarkable first impression. You can find professional teeth whitening solutions in London at Downtown Dental Centre Family Practice.

Whiter teeth your way

Each individual, budget, and schedule is unique. We offer several whitening options so that every adult patient can enjoy the confidence of a brilliant smile:
  • Custom whitening kit – Impressions of your mouth are used to create comfortable, flexible trays. You place prescription strength whitening gel in the trays and wear them for about an hour a day, until your smile is as bright as you desire. Trays fit snugly, keeping gel where it belongs, so you can even whiten overnight.
  • In office bleaching – This treatment is ideal when you need to look great fast, for a special occasion, or simply because of a busy schedule. The procedure takes about an hour, for dramatic results.
  • Combination approach – Keep your smile dazzling with this method. Start with an in-office treatment, then touch up brightness periodically using take home trays.
  • Daily hygiene – Our dentists are happy to provide advice on which toothpastes, mouthwash, and other products are best for your white smile.

Why choose professional whitening?

With many over the counter products that claim to whiten teeth, you may be wondering why to invest in professional treatment. First, our methods are effective. As doctors, we can provide a significantly higher strength bleaching formula than what is found in drug store whiteners. Safety is the second consideration. Treatment for your personal physiology, and you have the oversight of a trained dental team.

Schedule an appointment at Downtown Dental Centre Family Practice in London to discuss which teeth whitening method is best for you. Call 1-855-669-0775.
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