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Get a naturally beautiful smile with white fillings and bleaching treatment in London, ON

Beautiful Smile With White Fillings London ON

Teeth naturally fall within a range of light grey to yellow shades. Over time, they darken due to aging and products like tobacco and tea. Antibiotics and injuries may produce particularly stubborn discolouration. Regardless of need, Downtown Dental Centre restores the natural brilliance of your teeth with proven methods. A treatment plan is tailored to your preferences and goals. Worn or silver fillings may be replaced to create a beautiful smile with white fillings at our London, ON office; however, fillings and other restorations resist bleaching. To achieve your most naturally brilliant smile, Drs. Favell, Brunt, or Clark may recommend whitening before fillings or other white restorations are placed. That way, they match the shade of the filling to the improved colour of your whitened teeth.

Whiter teeth with bleaching

Think of bleaching as a process. Every patient is different; we offer office and home bleaching. Patients who want fast results may opt for office treatment. A specialised bleach is applied to your teeth, while surrounding tissues are protected from powerful bleaching ingredients. You get a many shades whiter smile in a single visit. Some Downtown Dental Centre patients prefer office whitening to “jump-start” their home regimen. Dentists customise trays. When worn as directed, the trays contain bleach that is delivered to your teeth. Trays may be used for ongoing “touch-ups” after in-office whitening, or to get gradual results from the comfort of home.

Beautiful brilliance with fillings

Think of white fillings as a dental material. Also known as composite fillings, this mix of pliable dental plastic or resin and glass compounds are prepared to look like and blend in with natural, surrounding tooth structure. The process is straightforward and quick:

  • Natural tooth structure is prepared, so no decay remains in the cavity or area of damage.
  • Bonding is applied to the prepared site.
  • Composite material is placed in layers.
  • As each layer is applied, a specialized light hardens the composite.
  • After the last layer is hardened, the filling is shaped to the tooth.
  • A polish prevents staining and premature wear and tear.

To ensure the strength of the bond between your filling and tooth, a waiting period may be recommended before moving forward with whitening treatment. Call (855) 669-0775 to start the process of revealing your whiter smile!


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