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Rebuild damaged teeth, restore oral health with composite fillings in London ON

Dr. David Favell and the Downtown Dental Centre team in London ON use composite fillings that appear natural to treat cavities.

Let Downtown Dental Centre exceed your expectations. We use advanced materials that are safe and designed to look and feel no different than healthy, natural teeth. Our dentists routinely place composite fillings in London ON to restore the appearance and health of decayed teeth.

About cavities

A cavity is a form of tooth decay. Bacteria is naturally present in our mouths. When that bacteria mixes with sugars in drinks and foods, acids are produced that wear away at the teeth. Early signs of enamel erosion include:

  • Discolouration
  • Transparent appearance
  • Heightened sensitivity

Cavities are small holes on tooth surfaces, roots, and around the edges of existing fillings. A cavity may form on the tooth root due to chronic aggressive brushing, which causes gum tissue to recede. Recurrent cavities form when bites of food and bacteria get trapped in the rough edges of a filling or when the filling breaks.


During recall visits, our dentists check for areas of potential enamel wear and decay. Existing fillings and other restorations are examined, and repaired or replaced as needed.


Large, untreated cavities only get bigger without treatment (and require more extensive restorative care).

Treatment with composite fillings

Composite fillings are known by many different names, including plastic, white, or tooth-coloured fillings; however, they all refer to essentially the same thing: A type of dental restoration made from a mix of plastic and finely-ground glass. Pliable dental resin is matched to your teeth for a lifelike appearance. Fine glass particles give composites a luminous quality that mimics how light bounces off of a natural tooth.


After all of the decay is removed from the tooth, your dentist fills the cavity or hole with a bonding product that helps the composite stick to the tooth. Resin is applied in thin layers. A specialised curing light is directed to each layer, causing the resin to harden. Afterward, the material is shaped so it looks and feels natural.

Why patients love composite fillings

  • They’re a natural looking alternative to silver-coloured dental amalgam.
  • Composites are appropriate for back teeth; strong enough to withstand bite forces.
  • Composites don’t require special care.
  • The material may be used as a fast, cost-effective alternative to veneers for patients with gaps between the teeth, stubborn stains, and other cosmetic concerns.

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