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Enjoy composite fillings in London ON – the tooth-coloured alternative to treatment with silver amalgam

Dr. David Favell and the team at Downtown Dental Centre help patients in and around London ON

All procedures at Downtown Dental Centre balance the desire for a stunning smile with the need to maintain or restore healthy and comfortable function. Composite fillings treatment in London ON is as safe and resilient as it is efficient and aesthetic.

Conventional treatment

For more than 150 years, dentists have been filling cavities and rebuilding teeth with amalgam. This mix of metals including silver, tin, and copper results in a silver colour to the treated portion of the tooth. Amalgam also contains mercury.

Why patients love composite fillings

Also known as white fillings, this material is made from a composite resin matched to the colours of your tooth for a look that blends in naturally with the surrounding teeth. Glass compounds help to mimic the characteristics of a natural, healthy tooth (such as how light bounces off the surface of the tooth). The resulting restored tooth is indistinguishable in appearance from its natural, healthy neighbours.

Today’s composite resin formulations withstand substantial stress and wear; they’re even appropriate for molars or back teeth that must sustain the force from mashing and breaking down food.

Fillings made easy

Downtown Dental Centre team can restore your tooth in a single, one-hour visit.

  • As with all procedures, a thorough exam is required before moving forward with treatment. While composite resin fillings are versatile and can repair cavities, minor breakage, stains, and other imperfections, it’s not appropriate for all patients. Depending on the extent of decay or damage, other treatments such as porcelain crowns may be recommended.
  • If composite fillings are best, all existing decay is removed from the tooth.
  • A glue or bonding agent is placed inside of the prepared site.
  • The composite material is applied in very thin layers.
  • A special type of light is directed toward each layer, activating and hardening the material.
  • Once the last layer is hardened, the dentist shapes the filling to your needs. It appears and feels just like a natural tooth!

Teeth that are improved or restored with this material are easy to care for – just remember to floss every day and keep recall visits at Downtown Dental Centre.


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