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Preserve the health and natural appearance of your smile with quality dental crown treatment in London, ON

Downtown Dental Centre is privileged to add to London’s strong reputation as a health care hub. It is one thing to be knowledgeable on a subject; it is quite another to be so adept at the subject that you impart knowledge to others. Both Drs. David Favell and Shawn Brunt have either taught or continue to teach at university level. When searching among the exceptional practices in southwestern Ontario, know that you or a family member’s dental crown treatment in London, ON is in great hands at Downtown Dental Centre.

Dental Crown Treatment at Downtown Dental Centre Family Practice in London Ontario Area

As with any cosmetic or restorative treatment at Downtown Dental Centre, crown treatment starts with evaluating your mouth and discussing your preferences. Crowns are commonly used to rebuild a natural tooth. They may be appropriate when a filling cannot sufficiently support a damaged or decayed tooth. Large fillings are more susceptible to breakage; however, the structural integrity of your tooth may be supported with a more conservative type of restoration, such as a dental inlay or dental onlay (also known as a partial crown).

A full-coverage crown may be made from porcelain or other types of dental ceramic. Modern dental ceramics look and feel like natural teeth. They are also sufficiently durable to support back teeth. Other materials that may be used include gold alloys or PFM, which stands for “Porcelain Fused to Metal.” The porcelain surrounds a metal core for a “hybrid” approach. We can discuss options with you during a visit to the London, ON office.

On the day of your treatment, the damaged tooth is numbed. So, you will not feel discomfort. If you are still a little anxious about treatment, we can discuss sedative options to put you at ease well before the day of your procedure. Know that a crown is a little more extensive than a simple filling. To make room for the crown itself, the natural tooth is reduced and shaped. An impression of the prepared site is taken, which will serve as a guide for the lab technician tasked with creating your permanent crown. A temporary crown is worn to protect the prepared tooth structure, and as the permanent crown is being made.

Once your crown is ready, we will contact you. You will return to our office, where the permanent crown is then checked to see that all looks and feels great. Then, the crown is secured firmly to the underlying natural tooth.

Smile confidently. Speak freely. Enjoy your favorite foods without pain. Schedule your appointment at Downtown Dental Centre in London, ON. Call (855) 669-0775.

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  • Dr. David Favell, Dental Hygienist London ON Dr. David Favell
  • Dr. Shawn Brunt, Dental Hygienist London ON Dr. Shawn Brunt
  • Dr. Alexis Clark, Dental Hygienist London ON Dr. Alexis Clark
The dedicated and experienced physicians of Downtown Dental Centre in London, Ontario, are Dr. David Favell, Dr. Shawn Brunt, and Dr. Alexis Clark.

Their mission is to exceed your expectations in all aspects of dental care to help you achieve beautiful smiles. Their main priority is to ensure that you are at ease and confident in their abilities and knowledge. They are enthusiastic about every aspect of dentistry and genuinely care about their patients.

The team's dedication to excellence is exemplified by the continuous growth of knowledge and abilities through their participation in dentistry courses and seminars. All this adds up to high-quality dentistry and pleasurable dental visits.

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