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Questions about wisdom teeth removal that patients in London, ON have been asking

Wisdom Teeth Removal in London Ontario area

What has started as a routine teeth cleaning has now turned into your dentist springing the news on you that your wisdom teeth are coming through and will need to be removed. Dr. David Favell at Downtown Dental Centre in London, ON doesn’t want this to be a source of stress for his patients. Dr. Favell has been diagnosing this issue for over 32 years and will be happy to refer you to a trusted oral surgeon for this routine procedure who will handle the removal with gentle care. Dr. Favell realizes the thought of having a wisdom teeth removal … Continue reading

London, ON dentist describes the process for dental extractions

model tooth image

Your dentist’s goal is to maintain the health and integrity of your natural teeth. Dr. David Favell understands the importance of helping you keep your natural teeth. However, instances do arise in which dental extractions may be necessary. Located in London, ON, Downtown Dental Centre Family Practice provides services to maintain the health of our patients’ smiles. When are extractions needed? Issues arise from time to time leading your dentist to suggest dental extractions. These problems may include: Wisdom teeth, impacted or those causing problems for the surrounding teeth A tooth broken below the gum line Abscessed tooth Preparation for dentures … Continue reading

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