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Learn about the benefits of white fillings in London area dental practice

Learn about the benefits of white fillings from Dr. Favell David at Downtown Dental Centre Family Practice, London

The team of Downtown Dental Centre Family Practice is here to assist patients of all ages with achieving the smiles of their dreams. When it comes to imperfections of the smile, including areas of decay, London area patients in Canada are welcome to call Dr. David Favell to learn about the benefits of white dental fillings.

What are fillings?

Fillings are restorations that are used to fill holes left behind where tooth decay has formed. Decay, also known as cavities, can affect a smile when patients are not careful to brush and floss their teeth after every meal. These holes need to be treated with the use of a filling.

What material is used for fillings?

For a long time, many dentists in the area used silver amalgam as a material for fillings. This material is a dark color and contains mercury, a neurotoxin some people are not comfortable having in their mouths. Instead, our team uses composite fillings. These white fillings are often preferred for several reasons.

What are the benefits of using white dental fillings?

White composite restorations are:

  • Aesthetic (matches natural tooth enamel)
  • Safe for the smile and body
  • Not susceptible to temperature changes
  • Fast placement
  • Long-term restoration

Silver amalgam fillings are not only noticeable but may affect one’s smile and body in many ways. Additionally, silver amalgam fillings tend to expand and contract with temperature changes. This means that they can expose the inner canals of the teeth to bacteria, resulting in possible infections. Instead, we encourage patients to ask about composite resin fillings as an alternative, ensuring their oral health and wellness for many years to come.

Am I a candidate for white restorations?

All of our patients who are dealing with cavities are welcome to ask about composite resin fillings as everyone is a proper candidate.

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