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Dental whitening centre near me London – process of dental whitening

Dental Whitening Centre Near Me London

If you are considering dental whitening, now is a good time to learn more about what is available “near me” in the London Area. Dr. David Favell and his hygiene team at Downtown Dental Centre Family Practice offer this insight.

Retail options vs. professional whitening

Most drug and retail stores have an aisle dedicated to teeth whitening preparations. Be cautious – some contain abrasive ingredients. While they initially scrub away surface stains, they leave scratches in enamel that worsen tooth color over time. Other products are made with peroxide bleaching solutions, but in a lower concentration than that prescribed by a dentist. For some people, this leads to overuse in an attempt to get good results – which can harm soft tissues and teeth.

With professional whitening, you have a trained dental team on your side:

  • The dentist makes sure teeth and gums are healthy enough for whitening.
  • The medical-grade product is fresh and of sufficient strength for effective whitening.
  • Your sensitivity is monitored, with adjustments to treatment made as needed.
  • We are just a phone call away if you have questions or concerns.

Process of dental whitening

Do you want a white smile fast, for a job interview, first date, wedding, or family reunion? With in-office treatment, it takes only about an hour to achieve vivid results. Steps are taken to protect your eyes and soft tissues of the mouth. Then a bleaching agent is carefully applied to visible tooth surfaces, and light-activated to speed the whitening process. These steps are repeated several times until teeth are as brilliant as you desire.

Some patients prefer to lighten teeth gradually, in the privacy of home. We make molds of your mouth to create custom-fit application trays. Place bleaching gel, which we provide, into the trays and wear them for about an hour a day or overnight. When you are satisfied with the shade of your teeth, simply re-treat periodically to maintain results.

Dental whitening Centre near me in London

Downtown Dental Centre Family Practice welcomes new patients of all ages for preventive care, general dentistry, restorative treatments, and cosmetic services such as whitening. Call (855) 669-0775 to book an appointment.


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