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What to Expect During a Routine Dental Exam from Dentist in London, ON Family Practice

Dental Checkup in London Ontario Area

Finding a dentist, you not only like, but have the utmost trust in, is very important. When you have a dentist you can depend on, you are apt to trust his diagnosis and go in for regular dental checkups, exams, and cleanings. Many Canadians either don’t have a regular dentist or don’t like going in and this hurts their overall oral health. Dr. David Favell and the team at Downtown Dental Centre Family Practice in London, ON, are dedicated to making sure that each patient who comes in receives a dental experience that leaves them smiling. It’s important to find … Continue reading

Dentist in London, ON touting the benefits of a professional teeth whitening treatment

Dentist in London Ontario Area Describes the Benefits of a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

Have you noticed that your teeth are not quite as white as they used to be? If you desire a smile that sparkles and shines, you should consider getting your teeth whitened. Teeth whitening is long lasting, safe, and effective. Dr. David Favell and his team at Downtown Dental Centre in London, Ontario provide top quality teeth-whitening service that will give you back the smile you have been dreaming of. Maybe you have been flirting with the idea of whitening your teeth. You have noticed the over the counter solutions and wondered what the difference is between what can be … Continue reading

Questions about wisdom teeth removal that patients in London, ON have been asking

Wisdom Teeth Removal in London Ontario area

What has started as a routine teeth cleaning has now turned into your dentist springing the news on you that your wisdom teeth are coming through and will need to be removed. Dr. David Favell at Downtown Dental Centre in London, ON doesn’t want this to be a source of stress for his patients. Dr. Favell has been diagnosing this issue for over 32 years and will be happy to refer you to a trusted oral surgeon for this routine procedure who will handle the removal with gentle care. Dr. Favell realizes the thought of having a wisdom teeth removal … Continue reading

Keep Your Mouth Healthy with Dental Hygiene Services in London, ON

Dental Hygiene Services in London ON area

Keeping your teeth healthy is about more than an attractive smile. Dental health is important to your overall wellness. Issues such as cavities, impacted teeth, or gum disease, can cause pain and lead to further complications. At Downtown Dental Centre in London, ON, we offer comprehensive dental hygiene services designed to promote and maintain oral health. Below, we’ll discuss the reason dental health is so important and some of our most common services. Oral Health and Total Wellness Taking care of your mouth is important in preventing common issues such as chronic bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. Good … Continue reading

Get a beautiful new smile with cosmetic porcelain veneers from a dentist in London, ON

New smile with porcelain veneers in London, ON area

Your smile is often the first thing that is noticed by others. What does your smile say about you? Having vibrant, beautiful teeth can make your smile exude happiness, health, and wellbeing. If you find that you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, and hide your smile during various life events, it can have a real impact on your self-esteem and confidence. Luckily, cosmetic dental options are readily available from the team at Downtown Dental Centre in London, ON. Dr. Favell and his team are happy to help patients enjoy a new smile with the help of porcelain … Continue reading

Dentist in London explains why you should choose root canal therapy

Why you should choose a root canal therapy in London area

Choosing root canal therapy does not have to be a scary or painful experience. Root canal therapy is actually a common, effective procedure that can prevent extraction, alleviate painful toothaches, and restore oral health. At Downtown Dental Centre in London, Ontario, we suggest our patients choose root canal therapy versus extraction whenever possible. In the following article, we’ll look at what’s involved in the procedure and why you should choose root canal therapy. What is a root canal? Root canal therapy is also called endodontic treatment. Endodontic refers to the inside of the tooth. So endodontic treatment pertains to saving … Continue reading

Contact London, ON dentist to discuss dental implants as lifelong solutions for missing teeth

Lifelong Solutions for Missing Teeth in London, ON area

At Downtown Dental Centre in London, ON, patients are welcome to ask about solutions for missing teeth. Men and women who want lifelong solutions for missing teeth are often introduced to dental implants. Drs. David Favell, Shawn Brunt, and Alexis Clark can answer patient questions regarding this and other tooth replacement methods. Why replace missing teeth? There are many reasons patients should speak to a dentist about tooth replacement as soon as possible. First, tooth loss makes it more difficult to speak clearly and chew or bite food efficiently, Second, tooth loss will harm the appearance of the smile. Third, … Continue reading

London dentist explains how root canals are an excellent way to help save the natural tooth

London Root Canal Excellent Way to Help Save the Natural Tooth in London

We’ve all heard the groans that the phrase “root canal” can elicit in a conversation. While the procedure may sound daunting, it can provide immense relief from pain and is an excellent way to help save the natural tooth and avoid costly and time-consuming dental restorations. And thanks to advances in modern dental technologies, techniques, and materials, a root canal nowadays is an easier experience than ever before. At Downtown Dental Centre Family Practice, our team of experienced dentists and professionals are equipped to provide patients in the London, ON area with a comfortable root canal treatment for their damaged … Continue reading

Dentist in London explains what a dental hygienist does

What Does a Dental Hygienist Do in London area

A professional dental cleaning is about more than just polishing your teeth. This crucial appointment can have a dramatic impact on oral health as well as overall wellness. At Downtown Dental Centre in London, Ontario, our dental team includes several dental hygienists who help ensure that your mouth is healthy for the long term. Unsure of what a dental hygienist really does? Let’s take a look. Your dental hygienist plays a large role in oral health Everyone understands that professional teeth cleaning is good for your oral health, but your dental hygienist’s role isn’t just to clean your teeth and … Continue reading

Professional teeth whitening service: For a smile that sparkles in London ON

Downtown Dental Centre ensures your teeth and gums are healthy first before moving forward with teeth whitening.

Downtown Dental Centre strives to exceed your expectations with effective professional teeth whitening service in London, ON designed to suit you, your schedule, and budget. As with all our services, teeth whitening is delivered in a comfortable and relaxing environment, by friendly staff who get results. The “professional” difference The global teeth whitening market is more than $13.3 billion (U.S. dollars) industry, according to Orbis Research. The teeth whitening products behind these numbers include chewing gums, toothpaste, gels, and kits that promise to remove stains for a dazzlingly brighter smile. There is no denying the demand for a brighter, whiter … Continue reading

  • Dr. David Favell, Dental Hygienist London ON Dr. David Favell
  • Dr. Shawn Brunt, Dental Hygienist London ON Dr. Shawn Brunt
  • Dr. Alexis Clark, Dental Hygienist London ON Dr. Alexis Clark
The dedicated and experienced physicians of Downtown Dental Centre in London, Ontario, are Dr. David Favell, Dr. Shawn Brunt, and Dr. Alexis Clark.

Their mission is to exceed your expectations in all aspects of dental care to help you achieve beautiful smiles. Their main priority is to ensure that you are at ease and confident in their abilities and knowledge. They are enthusiastic about every aspect of dentistry and genuinely care about their patients.

The team's dedication to excellence is exemplified by the continuous growth of knowledge and abilities through their participation in dentistry courses and seminars. All this adds up to high-quality dentistry and pleasurable dental visits.

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