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Teeth bleaching and teeth whitening for sensitive teeth is available in London Ontario

Teeth bleaching and teeth whitening for sensitive teeth

Everyone wants a beautiful, healthy smile. Unfortunately for many, stains and permanent discoloration are common dental problems that can leave teeth looking dull and dingy. Professional cleanings and at home oral hygiene can keep some stains away, but certain foods, beverages, chemicals, and even aging can affect the teeth permanently. Luckily, teeth bleaching is an effective way to resolve most stubborn stains and give patients a vibrant, white smile. Professional teeth whitening from Downtown Dental Centre in London, Ontario is even safe for sensitive teeth.

Avoiding stains

Obviously, it’s a lot easier to avoid stains than it is to remove them. Daily brushing and flossing along with twice yearly professional cleanings go a long way in keeping your pearly whites shiny.

Preventing stains can also be accomplished through minor changes in your food, beverages, and habits. Avoiding coffee, red wine, and soft drinks can help keep teeth whiter. If they can’t be avoided, brushing immediately after can keep them from causing deep stains. Tobacco is also known for staining the teeth, quitting smoking not only prevents stains, but it also improves your health.

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening bleaches stains below the surface by creating a chemical reaction that penetrates tooth enamel. Because enamel is porous, the bleaching agent can reach deep stain deposits to create a truly whiter smile.

Choosing a teeth whitening option

If you’ve ever walked the dental aisles at a grocery store or drugstore, you know that there is no shortage of over-the-counter teeth whitening kits. While these options are easy and cheap, they do not give the best results. When you choose professional teeth whitening from Downtown Dental Centre, you will have the option of in-office or at-home whitening.

Whether you choose to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home gradually, or in our office in less than an hour, you will be able to achieve a smile that is several shades whiter. If you are in the London Ontario area, call Downtown Dental Centre today at (855) 669-0775 to learn more about our teeth whitening options.

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