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In-office or at-home, professional teeth whitening via London Ontario dentist gets results, safely

Teeth Whitening Dentist at Downtown Dental Centre Family Practice in London Ontario Area

No one wants stained or yellow teeth. Yet, healthy and youthful-looking white teeth are not universal. Why is a dazzling smile so elusive? The answer to this question comes down to the “method.” By that, the products and techniques marketed to “whiten” your smile vary considerably in terms of their active ingredients and design. By turning to a professional teeth whitening dentist in London, Ontario, for your treatment, the risks of uneven whitening or damage to soft or hard tissues are eliminated. Drs. David Favell, Shawn Brunt, and Alexis Clark offer safe and clinically proven whitening methods that get predictable and satisfying results.

Whitening in an hour

You can enter our office with embarrassing yellow teeth. An hour later, you can leave our office walking much taller with a new, stain-free smile. Your teeth are isolated for precise whitening, and to protect surrounding tissues. The concentration of the powerful active ingredients in the whitening gel is customised to your goals for treatment. Some patients have darker stains than others and may require more dramatic whitening. Still, other patients may desire a more natural-looking approach, rather than a dramatic, “Hollywood” level of whitening. With professional methods, these and other aspects of the whitening process can all be adjusted to each patient for the most comfortable and pleasant experience, and desirable outcomes.

The effects of the whitening gel are activated with the application of a specialised light. Light-activated properties also accelerate the whitening process. So, you can get whiter teeth in a single visit.

Gradual whitening in days

After speaking with you about your options, whitening from the comfort and convenience of home may be appealing to you. If that is the case, your dentist will take an impression of your mouth, which is used to create a dental appliance or “tray” that is worn for about an hour each day to whiten your teeth. Downtown Dental Centre will show you how to “load” or fill your custom tray with the whitening gel. As you wear the tray, the gel’s powerful, concentrated whitening agents go to work to break up and lift stain molecules.

Since the trays are fitted to you, they feel comfortable and also deliver the whitening ingredients evenly to your teeth. There is no risk of the irritation, sores, and the unsightly, uneven whitening that is associated with the off-the-shelf trays that you can buy online or at the store.

Some patients opt to start with in-office whitening and then do periodic “touch-ups” from home. Regardless of the professional method you choose, Downtown Dental Centre products get attractive results, without the risks. Call (855) 669-0775 to schedule your appointment in London, ON.

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Dr. David Favell, Dental Hygienist London ON
Dr. David Favell
Downtown Dental Centre Family Practice

A graduate from the University of Western Ontario Dr. David Favell holds a Hons.BSc degree in chemistry, and a DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery). With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Favell is an established and reputed professional who aims to provide his patients with the best possible care.

A member of the London and District Dental Society, the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario and the Ontario Dental Association, Dr. Favell continues to polish his expertise by continuing to keep up with the latest research and findings in the field, to ensure the quality of his service.

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