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Suffering from Jaw Problems? We are the best in TMJ/TMD Treatment in London ON

It IS all in your head! TMJ/TMD therapy from London dentist

TMJ London ON, a lady in the need of TMJ/TMD Therapy
Millions of Canadians suffer from temporomandibular joint dysfunction. This condition can cause a variety of symptoms, so it often misdiagnosed, masked with strong pain medications, or simply dismissed by others as something you have imagined. In truth, the discomfort IS all in your head, originating from the joints that hinge your jaw to your skull. The dentists at Downtown Dental Centre Family Practice take your discomfort seriously, with effective TMJ/TMD therapy that brings natural relief to London area patients.

Symptoms of TMD

  • Limited jaw mobility.
  • Pain when you open wide or slide your jaw side to side.
  • Jaw noises – grating, popping, or clicking.
  • Earache, ringing in the ears, or loss of hearing.
  • Shoulder and neck pain.
  • Clenching or grinding at night.
  • Recurring headaches or migraines.
  • Chronic fatigue.

Treating TMD

Relief begins with a compassionate healthcare provider who has a deep understanding of the jaw joint – a Downtown Dental Centre dentist. We thoroughly evaluate your teeth, bite, TMJ, and symptoms to diagnose TMD. Then we design a treatment plan customized to your situation. In keeping with high ethical standards, we will coordinate care with other medical professionals, as needed – physician, physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapist, or cranio-mandibular specialist.
    In many cases, we can help patients find dramatic relief with dental treatments such as:
  • Adjustments to the height of natural teeth or old restorations to balance the bite.
  • An occlusal splint (bite guard), worn at night to reduce jaw strain from clenching and grinding.
  • Advice on simple lifestyle changes to lessen stress on the joint and soothe inflammation.
If TMD symptoms are impacting your quality of life, there are two important things to remember. First, your discomfort is real and warrants attention. Second, you are not alone – the team at Downtown Dental Centre in London is eager to provide TMJ/TMD therapy. Call (855) 669-0775 .

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Dr. David Favell, Dental Hygienist London ON
Dr. David Favell
Downtown Dental Centre Family Practice

A graduate from the University of Western Ontario Dr. David Favell holds a Hons.BSc degree in chemistry, and a DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery). With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Favell is an established and reputed professional who aims to provide his patients with the best possible care.

A member of the London and District Dental Society, the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario and the Ontario Dental Association, Dr. Favell continues to polish his expertise by continuing to keep up with the latest research and findings in the field, to ensure the quality of his service.

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